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What Cookies Are, & How We Use Them:

Cookies are like an invisible series of digital bread crumbs that some websites place on your computer.

We use them for several reasons, primarily because they help us ensure that a legitimate user is visiting our site, by noting the traffic – who is visiting us, and when. This information enables us to build a better, more efficient website. To put it plainly, cookies track data, and in essence help us curate our website so it better fits our clients’ needs.

There are three different types of cookies: necessary targeting, and functional cookies.

Allow Us To Clarify!

Functional cookies: These know what you’ve viewed lately, and keep track of pages you use on Google Analytics. They also, on occasion, offer technical support, live.

Necessary Cookies: These keep track of your place in the online booking procedure. They also know you are already on the site, which you must be to change your account information.

Targeting Cookies: These let you send pages to social platforms like Facebook, if you wish. They also – like the name suggests – track your choice of pages so that we can curate our site to your tastes.

Of the three types, only necessary cookies are, well, necessary! But the other two, targeting and functional cookies, do help us provide you with the best, most relevant website content we can, because we tailor it to your preferences. Although you can disable cookies, doing so may mean you are unable to access our site.

Third party cookies are cookies we have no control over; they are placed by third parties like Google, Facebook and PayPal. Contact those sites directly should you have any questions regarding their privacy policies.

Media Inquiries:

Anyone interested in learning more about Travvan.com Caravan Rentals should contact us at www.travvan.com, or at our office at flat14 berry lane longridge peston, pr33ld

Our History: A few years ago, we decided to develop a network of holiday caravan owners to help provide folks with a ready-made resource when they are looking for a “stay” without going overboard financially. Since we first opened, we have had thousands of inquiries, and helped secure hundreds of booking for satisfied clients. We have caravan owners all over the U.K. Who are looking to rent their second homes to reliable clients. And we have hundreds of clients who have enjoyed many lovely holidays without “breaking the bank.” Maybe have repeatedly gone back each year to the same caravan, and some have even become friends with the owners!

We have more details available, and material available for publication, so please feel free to get in touch with us. It’s a story we are proud to tell!