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We often get inquiries that are similar in nature, so here’s a list of frequently asked questions. Whether you’re a visitor to our site seeking a caravan for holiday, or an advertiser or home owner who’s considering renting out a caravan, we hope this helps. If you don’t find your query in the list below, please contact us and ask our team, who will be happy to help.

If you are a visitor to this website, you may be wondering:

Do I need any kind of insurance once I’ve booked a holiday with you?
Can you promise I’ll enjoy myself?
Do you accept same-sex partners, more than one pet, or a group of friends? In other words, a less-than-traditional family…is fine, right?

  • Are there policies about bringing children I need to know?
  • Do any of your caravan parks have day care facilities?
  • Are your caravans wheelchair accessible?
  • What is your relationship with the caravan owners…do any of you people own any of them yourselves?
  • How much – if anything – does it cost me to book through you?

And if you are a home or caravan owner, you might be wondering:

  • How much does it cost for me to list my caravan with you?
  • What kind of information do you need from me to get the process underway?
  • How can I get “top billing” in my category?
  • Am I allowed to alter the text in my ad, and if so, how much notice do you need?