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Why Advertise Your Caravan With Us?

There are lots of reasons, actually. First…renting out a caravan is a terrific way to earn some extra money, but you have to let people know about it. Advertising on our website ensures that people across the U.K. Will learn about yours; the entire country will know you have a fantastic vacation opportunity available with great features. Our reach is nationwide, which translates into hundreds – no, thousands – of eyes seeing your advertisement.

Our team of professionals will help tailor your ad into an announcement that is sure to generate a tremendous number of booking leads. You can update and edit the text and photos anytime, online, and make your ad as fun, fashionable or low-key as you prefer. It’s all in your hands, as are the bookings: you are in total control of all bookings for your caravan. We don’t impose any restrictions on dates, availability, season, etc. That’s all up to you. You get to choose whether you’ll open your caravan to dogs and children, for example or whether you prefer to keep it an adults-only space.

And we will submit your advertisement to all the big search engines, and if you don’t get bookings, we will refund the fee…completely. That’s how sure we are that advertising with us will bring bookings to your door, and start bringing that extra money into your bank account.

Simply choose from the list below, submit it to us with details about your caravan, and we’ll be in touch.

  • Pet friendly;
  • wheelchair accessible;
  • children are fine;
  • can take groups up to 6;
  • what seasons do you prefer to rent?
  • Beach nearby?
  • Washer & dryer?
  • Available parking;
  • extra cots;
  • blow dryer and curling iron;
  • number of bathrooms;
  • television and DVD;
  • porch or deck;
  • central heating;
  • microwave;
  • Wi Fi.

Any other additional features you can think of? Please list any and all of them here, then fill out the details of location, etc., and submit your ad to us. We’ll get you started!